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Kamala Harris’ health care heresy

This week Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) released her long-awaited health care plan. Like most proposals from Harris, who is running for president, her plan to address America’s health care woes is full of hyperbole and void of detail.

Harris unveiled her health care blueprint via an essay on Medium.com titled, “My Plan For Medicare For All.” Harris’ plan should be read with a keen sense of skepticism. Harris has a long history of vacillating (also known as flip-flopping) when it comes to crucial health care matters.

For instance, in a January CNN town hall event, Harris declared her unwavering support of “Medicare for All” and the elimination of private insurance.

“I believe the solution—and I actually feel very strongly about this—is that we need to have Medicare for all,” Harris said. “That’s just the bottom line.”

Harris was later pressed about her stance on whether Americans should be allowed to purchase (private) health insurance outside of the scope of government.

“The idea is that everyone gets access to medical care, and you don’t have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require,” Harris stated. “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.”[…]

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