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Justice decries ‘politics’ and ‘noise’ about administration’s pandemic response

Gov. Jim Justice makes a point during a briefing about West Virginia’s coronavirus response. Gov. Jim Justice isn’t wild about push-back on his administration’s policies during the pandemic. Justice focused his preliminary and concluding remarks during a week-ending news briefing on describing views that counter his administration’s pandemic policies as “noise” or “politics.” “The more we just politicize this right here, the more it will hurt,” Justice said. West Virginia’s Primary Election is coming up June 9. Right now, a few issues seemed to be bothering Justice. One was questioning over whether persistent efforts by some economic sectors led to getting the OK for reopening. Justice described heavy call volume for tanning beds and gyms this week when he announced their reopenings, but then said their push wasn’t the biggest factor. “Now it’s irritating as it can be to listen to people come up and say ‘Well, the reason we opened the tanning beds is because we had a bunch of people complaining about the tanning beds,” Justice said today. He continued, “If you really believe these decisions have been made because of a bunch of noise, you’re way out there.” Another irritant was questioning over his administration’s cautious […]

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