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JUSTice Cream offers sweet social justice model for nonprofits — and ice cream shops


CHICAGO — Fudge the Police — not just a family friendly wordplay on the 1988 N.W.A. rap hit, but a vegan ice cream flavor to benefit Black Lives Matter Chicago. The blend of mint cookies and cream, fudge and CBD was created by JUSTice Cream, a nonprofit ice cream shop focused not just on the flavors, but benefiting grassroots organizations like BLM Chicago.

JUSTice Cream works with local organizations to co-develop ice cream flavors that reflect a social justice issue, said founder Hialy Gutierrez. One hundred percent of the profits from each flavor go back to the organizations.

ABOLECHE ICE, a tres leches cake and strawberry blend, was co-created with Organized Communities Against Deportations. And profits from the churro-filled Fried Dough Kahlo benefit Art Resistance Through Education. The Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment’s flavor is Purple Root for Domestic Workers, made with ube purple yam.

Gutierrez said JUSTice Cream’s model will give more autonomy to its partner organizations than traditional funding sources. The grassroots organizers understand how to best serve their communities, she said, so providing them money should give them breathing room to do their work.

“I used to be a grant writer, and I noticed that one […]

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