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Jon Stewart: America Can Only Have Equality When Black People Are Given What’s Been Taken From Them

Jon Stewart reunited with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Wednesday night to unpack everything going on in America right now—from a presidential election, to Trump’s incompetence, the global pandemic, and an uprising against systemic racism and police brutality.

Discussing Trump’s presidency, Stewart noted that he was not as surprised by the lack of morality as much as his “utter incompetence,” saying that his presidency has primarily been about credit and praise. He then adds, “The presidency is supposed to age the President. Not the country.” Stewart explains that while Biden wasn’t even in his top three or four candidates, he says, “When I see Biden, past the shtick, I see a guy who knows what loss is. Knows grief. And I think that kind of grief humbles you… it brings about a caring that can’t be faked.”

Colbert and Stewart then move on to the civil rights movement that’s erupting in the country right now. Stewart notes that while recent events in the last decade have brought tensions to a boiling point, this country is founded upon policies that have always put Black people at a disadvantage.

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