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Joe Henderson: Matt Gaetz is interesting, but not in a good way

In an interview with GQ called the Trumpiest Congressman in Trump’s Washington, Matt Gaetz said, “The organizing principle of today’s politics is ‘stay interesting.’” Yeah, that’s one reason Gaetz is President Donald Trump’s kind of guy.

This is what passes for interesting. Like the President, Gaetz is loud, arrogant, brash, and abrasive. He is not on a first-name basis with things called facts, and he likes to butt in where he doesn’t belong.

Take Georgia politics, for instance.

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The Representative from Florida’s 1st Congressional District inserted his mouth, ego, and ambition into the decision by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, by the way, to appoint Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the retiring Johnny Isakson.

Trump wanted U.S. Rep. Doug Collins to fill the seat. And that’s where Gaetz took his goober-smooching cue to threaten Kemp – yes, threaten – for daring to think on his own.

“If you substitute your judgement for the President’s, maybe you need a primary (challenge) in 2022,” Gaetz tweeted.

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