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Jacob: Using philanthropy to create social justice in Marion

Along with geometry, philosophy, the Olympics, and theater, the ancient Greeks birthed the idea of philanthropy. The Greek playwright, Aeschylus, likely coined the term “philanthropy”, which simply means, “love of humanity.” How simply sublime.

That we – as members of the human race – should all unconditionally aspire to philanthropy seems unnecessary to even mention. To purely love each other is a prescription for the good health of all humans, and who doesn’t want – or need – that?

But we humans are a contradictory sort. We far too often fall short of our ideals. Recent events highlighting our proclivity to racism – both explicitly and implicitly – has unmasked that inadequacy all too plainly.

There is much evil in the world, all of which is produced by we humans. Perplexing, isn’t it? That we humans can inflict harm against one another when inflicting love would be so much more fruitful.

Another perplexing fact is that acts of evil always get more attention than acts of love. Consequently, it’s easy for us to come to a conclusion that we humans are, as a whole, a nasty sort. That conclusion, however, is dead wrong.

No doubt, we have our horrible side. Every one of us. […]

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