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Jacksonville Must Decide What’s Next for Human Rights Ordinance

An appeals court threw out Jacksonville’s human rights ordinance (HRO) and now the city must decide what to do with it next.

The HRO was passed by the City Council in 2017 on a 12-6 vote and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry let it pass without his signature. The ordinance assures that people cannot be discriminated against in housing, employment, or public accommodation for sexual orientation or gender identity.

Liberty Counsel sued to overturn the ordinance but lost twice in court. The full 1st District Court of Appeals overturned the ordinance by unanimous vote though on what amounts to somewhat of a technicality.

When the ordinance was passed, there were several amendments that were agreed to by the City Council but these amendments were not written out and the full text of them was not published.

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Roger Gannam, Liberty Counsel’s assistant VP of legal affairs, weighed in on the ruling.

“This decision exposes the deception of the HRO authors and sponsors and rejects the city’s attempt to cover it up with its own deception in the form of clever procedural maneuvers in the city council.

A city ordinance that cannot be passed openly and honestly is good for no one. The fair […]

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