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It Is Time To Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health Among Healthcare Workers

Long before COVID-19, healthcare providers had high rates of burnout, depression, and suicide, that … [+] Over the weekend, inspired by a recent New York Times article about the death of well respected emergency medicine physician, Dr. Lorna Breen to suicide during Covid-19, Dr. Esther Choo, also an emergency medicine physician and a vocal public health advocate, took to her twitter account of nearly 130,000 followers to express her feelings about stoicism in medicine, the dangers of the hero trope , and her own experience with mental health. What followed was an unprecedented experience in healthcare. A flood of professionals from physicians to nurses to therapists to pharmacists wrote about their own mental health histories, sometimes for the first time, in an attempt to destigmatize mental health and help seeking in the medical profession. They spoke about medication, therapy, coping skills, and the reasons they had not spoken up before. It was a truly powerful display seeing so many people normalizing mental health and mental health treatment on such a large scale. Dr. Adam Hill, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine and Author of “Long Walk Out of the Woods: A Physician’s Story of […]

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