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‘Irresistible’ – Jon Stewart directs smart political satire

By Eleanor Ringel Cater

Oh, how we’ve missed you Jon Stewart.

Thankfully, he’s back with “Irresistible,” a cheerfully subversive bit of political satire that’s almost impossible to write about without giving the game away.

I’ll do my best, but I have to say a little something. This is a Preston Sturges movie posing as a Frank Capra film. And if that’s too “movie-insider” for you, try it this way. The picture is set in “Rural America, Heartland USA,” aka, the tiny, boarded-up town of Deerlaken, Wisconsin (aka, Rockmart, Georgia). A scene from “Irresistible” Just be aware: what appears to be Jimmy Stewart’s old stomping ground, Bedford Falls, may actually occupy an area code closer to Jim Carrey’s sunny-side-up seaside resort in “The Truman Show.”

Stewart’s (Jon) old partner-in-political-satire, Steve Carell, stars as Gary Zimmer, described by the media as “a grand old sigliore” of the Clinton (Hilary) campaign. Which, as “Irresistible” opens, is another way of saying he’s a loser and out of a job.

But then he happens to catch a YouTube clip that’s gone viral. In it, a retired Marine, Colonel Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper) – Republican, widower, farmer – turns up at a town hall meeting and eloquently stands up for […]

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