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Industry Voices—We need to restart the healthcare economy for the sake of patients

Delays in diagnosis and treatment could worsen health outcomes and will probably cause higher spending later. For example, diagnosing and treating breast cancer at its early stages has proven to lead to more positive overall outcomes and significantly reduced costs. Women that do not know they have breast cancer will face a more challenging road to recovery. (NCI) The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans. In fewer than 100 days, the virus has killed tens of thousands of our fellow citizens while dealing immeasurable damage to the global economy . At the same time, there is another public health threat brewing that, without substantive policy changes, will deal an irrevocable blow to countless hospitals and healthcare providers.

So-called elective procedures were largely shut down in March and April as healthcare providers focused precious resources on treating COVID-19 patients.

To protect patients, specialty practices actively kept patients without active diseases away from their clinics . While the loosening of regulations around telemedicine helped, many healthcare procedures have been seriously curtailed as evidenced by recent data showing routine cancer screenings down by 94% and medical imaging procedures reduced by 50%. Research

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