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In 2008, Everyone Thought The Recession Was Bad. But in 2020, Many Americans’ Views Depend On Their Party.

Parts of the U.S. have rushed to reopen in the wake of the recession brought on by the coronavirus. The U.S. economy is objectively awful right now. The unemployment rate is at levels not seen since the Great Depression and this quarter’s decline in gross domestic product is expected to be the worst on record . Most economists believe it will take years to recover from this recession.

Not everyone thinks the economy is doing so poorly, though.

In the most recent Quinnipiac University national survey , 69 percent of Republicans described the U.S. economy as “excellent” or “good.” Similarly, nearly two-thirds of Republicans in both Civiqs’s daily tracking polls and in a June 11-15 Associated Press/NORC Poll said that the nation’s current economy is at least leaning toward good. By contrast, only around 10 percent of Democrats thought that the national economy was doing well in those surveys.

As of June 26, 2020.

shows that Democrats’ and Republicans’ views of the economy are more polarized now than they’ve been at any point during President Trump’s time in office. That isn’t to say that Democrats and Republicans have seen eye to eye on the economy at previous points in Trump’s presidency. They […]

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