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If Talking About Race Hurts Democrats, Why Is Biden So Far Ahead?

After President Trump won the 2016 election, there was a big debate over the role “identity politics” played in his victory.

Some scholars argued that many white voters without a college degree — a group that proved pivotal in that election — jumped from supporting then-President Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016 largely because they liked Trump’s framing of identity issues, such as immigration, more than Hillary Clinton’s . 1

That finding is , who argued that Obama-Trump voters were not that conservative on identity issues.

After the election, some ( usually white ) liberal and Democratic-leaning voices said that Democrats needed to abandon “identity politics” or face more defeats like Clinton’s.

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Other liberal voices ( often Black ) said that Trump had successfully tapped into the racist views of many white Americans.

Both of those perspectives implied that debating issues of identity and race was bad for Clinton and good for Trump, and in the future it would be good for the GOP and bad for Democrats.

Never mind all that, at least for now. America is talking […]

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