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If “Film Is a Fling, TV Is Like a Marriage”: TV Directors on Everything From the Social Justice Movement to “Difficult” Actors

lllustration by Agata Nowicka Agata Nowicka Anna Boden, Deborah Chow, Jon M. Chu, Alex Garland, Janet Mock and Jonathan Nolan discuss how the state of the world affects them (“The news just got darker and darker — I found myself not being able to concentrate”); what it’s like to speak for an underrepresented community (“I just don’t want to f*** up”) and anxieties of going back on set: “Recession kills people the same way viruses do.”

Alex Garland, the Ex Machina director and creator of FX/Hulu’s sci-fi thriller Devs , is adjusting the blinds in his London office, trying to get the light behind him to look just right for his video interview.

“You’re a little dark on the left,” chimes in Westworld co-showrunner Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan, who is watching Garland on a computer screen from his Los Angeles home on this mid-June afternoon and can’t help directing the shot. He catches himself, and says with a laugh, “Let’s see what happens when you put six directors together on a video chat.”

It turns out that when Nolan and Garland were joined by Janet Mock ( Pose , Hollywood and The Politician ), Jon M. Chu ( Home Before Dark ), […]

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