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Human Rights Campaign Announces Slate of Pro-Equality Champions for Arizona Legislature


Arizona is one of 29 states that lack explicit state-level protections for LGBTQ people. Senate Bill 1321, introduced during the 2020 legislative session, would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected characteristics under Arizona law and bar discrimination against LGBTQ people in state employment, housing and public accommodations. Under pro-equality leadership, the Arizona Legislature can finally send this bill to Gov. Ducey’s desk. “Right now, over 240,000 LGBTQ Arizonans live in a patchwork of protections. We are excited to endorse these champions of LGBTQ equality who have led the fight in their own communities and on the state level to advance equality and defend against attempts to roll back LGBTQ rights. Between now and November, we are laser focused on mobilizing the more than one million Equality Voters throughout the state to ensure these and other pro-equality candidates up and down the ballot are elected.” Bridget Sharpe , HRC Arizona State Director Today’s endorsements include: Rosana Galbaldon (SD-2)

Sally Ann Gonzales (SD-3)

Lisa Otondo (SD-4)

Jamescita Peshlakai (SD-7)

Victoria Steele (SD-9)

Ajlan Kurdoglu (SD-17) Sean Bowie (SD-18) Doug Ervin (SD-20) Lela Alston (SD-24) Rebecca Rios (SD-27) Christine Marsh (SD-28) Martin Quezada (SD-29) Tony Navarette […]

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