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How the coronavirus and politics could impact voting in the 2020 general election

On Tuesday, voters will cast ballots in three state primary elections. So far this election year, voting during the pandemic has been an exercise in chaos, long lines and aggravation. With no end to the scourge and no vaccine in sight, a recent Pew Research survey found 70% of Americans want to stay safe and mail in their ballots for the November general election. Voting absentee or by mail has been growing for decades. In 2016 almost a quarter of all votes was sent through the mail. But this year high demand has strained the resources of red states and blue and the practice has become embroiled in political controversy. Democrats want to expand access to mail in voting. President Trump says it’s prone to fraud and threatens his reelection. The controversy ignited this spring in Wisconsin, a critical battleground state President Trump won in 2016 by less than 1%. Voters wait in line in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 7 It might not look like it, but on this day, April 7, the state of Wisconsin was under a stay at home order, because of the coronavirus. In Milwaukee, residents stood in lines for hours waiting to cast ballots […]

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