End the duopoly

How Political Brinkmanship Could Be Ruinous To The Economy, Stock Market And Your Job

Politics can hurt us.

There is a dangerous game going on between the two major political parties. The primary concern is that the heated disagreements and hatred between the two camps will push both parties onto an aggressive, reckless path in pursuit of their agenda, especially as we get closer to the election.

Some sources say Democrats would secretly like the stock market and economy to collapse—for a brief period of time. If this happens, according to their theory, President Donald Trump, whose crowning achievement is a hot stock market and record-high employment, will be embarrassingly discredited. After the stock market and employment craters, Trump will most likely lose in 2020.

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Trump, on the other hand, desperately wants to pump up the stock market and economy to burnish his reputation as the only candidate that could deliver jobs, a robust economy and roaring stock market. Trump will tweet about all of his successes in the trade war with China, in an effort to push up the stock market to new highs. It is irrelevant to him as to whether the tweets are completely accurate or not. Trump’s goal is to create an aura of winning and confidence in the economy. This will encourage people to continue investing in the stock market and embolden companies to hire new employees.


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