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How healthy are health apps?

Digital health applications are starting to make their way into regular healthcare provision. But how should they be regulated? HTA is increasingly recognized as an important pillar on the way towards universal reimbursement. Healthcare systems around the world are entering a new era in which digital healthcare applications are increasingly becoming part of standard medical care. Whereas medications must undergo a strict regulated process of testing before they are approved and eventually reimbursed, a similar process for digital health apps has only recently started to emerge. Some countries are pushing ahead now with digital HTA. They could become trailblazers.

The consumerisation of healthcare has increased the development of apps in the healthcare space exponentially. According to the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science’s 2017 publication The Growing Value of Digital Health , more than 200 health apps are being added daily to the top app stores globally, with over 318,000 health apps available in 2017 alone. These apps address a wide array of health issues geared to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disease or disorder. The need for a framework to assess health apps

With the number of available healthcare apps on the rise, so are concerns about […]

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