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How Entrepreneurs Can Lead The Way To Social Justice

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police in the midst of a deadly pandemic and widespread unemployment has galvanized millions of people to risk infection to protest systemic racism.

So many, in fact, that this could well be a pivotal moment in America’s troubled racial history. For business leaders and their companies, it means an unprecedented reckoning on social justice.

Among those business leaders, America’s entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to show companies how to help establish new norms of social justice. Here’s why:

Entrepreneurs are self-directed, setting the values and standards that they live and work by. Most people are highly constrained in how strongly they can support the causes and principles opposed by powerful forces in society.

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They work for someone else or depend upon someone else for their livelihood and their direction. Entrepreneurs are the only part of the working population that can genuinely set their own standards of behavior.

Entrepreneurs are powerful force in changing social norms . Entrepreneurs change social norms in two ways. First, the products and services they deliver set the standards for new ways their customers can behave. […]

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