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How COVID-19 ‘laid bare’ the crisis of healthcare in America


Soldiers from the Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force – 627 begin supporting Methodist Hospital medical staff, in San Antonio, Texas, July 9, 2020. The UAMTF is comprised of Soldiers with various medical specialties, from the 627th Hospital Center, Fort Carson, Colo., and deployed to support San Antonio hospitals during the COVID-19 response. U.S. Northern Command, through U.S. Army North, is providing military support to states in need. Time flies. Hard to believe that it was twelve years ago that healthcare reform activist Wendell Potter left his job as head of corporate communications at Cigna and shortly after, loudly blew the whistle on the gross malpractices of the health insurance industry that had employed him.

Ever since, Potter has devoted virtually every minute to telling the story of his time as a top executive in a business dedicated to raking in massive profits at the expense of those suffering in medical need or just trying to stay healthy. He preaches the gospel of Medicare for All, single payer medical insurance for everyone at little or no cost. To that end, he has lectured around the country, written countless op-eds, authored two books, started the investigative journalism website Tarbell and various healthcare […]

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