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How Covid-19 And Climate Change Are Making Heat Deadlier For Older Adults


By Craig Miller, Science journalist and Next Avenue Contributor getty Scientists say 2020 is on track to be among the hottest years on record. They know this from a worldwide network of sensors and satellites that constantly monitor land and ocean temperatures.

But my favorite index for global heating is Charlie, my 92-year-old father. I called him at his home in North Syracuse, N.Y., on a recent day when it was 91 degrees there.

“I can’t do this…this crap,” he growled. “I pray for winter.” For a guy who’s lived his entire life in Syracuse, that’s pretty startling, given the area’s reputation for Arctic winter conditions.

“You can’t go outside and if you do, you gotta limit your exposure,” he continued, “and try to finish quickly, so you can get back into someplace that’s air conditioned. I just feel like the heat and humidity is just closing in on me, you know, like I’m being put into a sweat box or something.”

My dad insists that it didn’t used to be this bad. And it’s not his imagination. The world is heating up. According to researchers at Columbia University, extreme humid heat overall has more than doubled in frequency since 1979. The one-two […]

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