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How Black Republicans In Utah Weigh Party Politics Vs. Racial Equality

As police once again becomes a focus of national conversations, some Black Republicans in Utah are pushing to disentangle the fight for racial justice from party politics, and to bring more African Americans over to the GOP. Black conservatives in Utah say there’s more than one way to fight for racial justice. While the liberal demand to defund the police has become a rallying cry in many recent protests in Salt Lake City and around the nation, they’re taking a different tact.

Some Black Republicans here want to separate partisan politics from the fight for racial justice and pursue solutions that align better with their conservative ideologies.

“Conservatism is colorblind,” said Burgess Owens, a Black man and the Republican candidate for Utah’s 4th Congressional District. “It’s an ideology. It’s priorities in which we put God, country, family [and] respect to women above self.”

Owens frequently appears on Fox News to speak out against Democrats. He recently went on Lou Dobbs Tonight to talk about the recent protests against police violence.

“What is your reaction to the Black Lives mural, this mantra now that is falling on the lips of everyone in the media, it seems, and the radical Dems?” Dobbs asked Owens. “Black […]

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