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House passes sweeping clean energy package. Now what?



House passes sweeping clean energy package. Now what?

The House passed a broad energy package last night. House The House yesterday approved a broad clean energy package that would authorize billions of dollars to support research and development for technologies seen as critical in the fight against climate change.

H.R. 4447 , which passed 220-185, now heads to the Senate, where lawmakers are working to pass their own energy reform bill.

But hurdles remain in that chamber, with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) representing one of the remaining obstacles.

Even with the uncertainty in the Senate, yesterday’s House vote represents one of the most realistic chances Democrats have to enact broad clean energy policies this Congress.

Seven Republicans joined Democrats to pass the bill. Eighteen Democratic members, however, defected to vote against it.

Unlike other House efforts, this one was designed to spark negotiations with the Senate, Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said on the floor.”I don’t want anyone here to think that this is a message vehicle,” Pallone said in the face of Republican opposition. “This is a vehicle that is exactly designed to try to reach an agreement on an energy package — not a big one — that we could actually get signed into law by the […]

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