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Historically Speaking: When politics becomes a blood sport

American politics has a history of violent confrontations including the duel fought on July 11, 1804 between Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, the former secretary of the treasury.

Hamilton was killed and Burr ended his days as an outcast. With gyms closed, social media has become more of a boxing ring than normal, and that certainly is the case for what one of your northern neighbors did last month.

Perhaps some of you south of the Pocono regional divide heard that former professional boxer and State Rep. Marty Flynn (D-Lackawanna) made multiple threats on Facebook? No? Well, let me tell ya.

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“Keep talking about how bad we Democrats are and WE will STOP supporting YOUR businesses! You want to make it PERSONAL and we WILL!”

After being prodded further, bellicosity kicked into high gear, and the mighty Flynn replied to one Facebook post with, “I bet I could kick your fat — up and down the street until you shut your fat mouth.”

It might make one harken back to 1970s Pennsylvania politics. For example, in an oral history project interview with Allegheny County Rep. Edward Early, a Democrat (1971-1974), it was revealed that amongst fellow […]

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