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Here Are Some Companies Putting Up Money for Social Justice Amid Worldwide Protests

Image via Getty/John Lamparski/NurPhoto As protests continue nationwide worldwide in support of social justice, particularly in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and amid ongoing acts of aggression from police , companies small and large have been entering the mainstream discussion with messages of support for various organizations including Black Lives Matter and others pushing for societal reform.

And while many of those messages have received criticism for feeling more performative than genuine, a number of companies have also backed up their statements with announcements of financial assistance ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to—in some cases—millions.

Of course, given the massive wealth accumulated by a number of these companies, criticism is still circulating regarding how much more could be given in an effort for a sustained and united push for reform.

At any rate, we’ve compiled a list below of noteworthy companies and brands—including those in the film, tech, and music spaces—that have publicly announced donations to social justice groups. If you’re looking for info on how you can help and/or donate to these causes and others, click here.

As announced earlier this week, the Walt Disney Company is pledging $5 million toward nonprofit organizations advancing social justice. […]

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