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Heard On Sundial: Courts During COVID, Flood Risks, And ‘Disposable City’ Author On Climate Change

Homero Giviria, 76, walks to his job at Aventura Mall barefooted with his dry shoes in a plastic bag through Biscayne Lake Gardens apartment complex in Aventura, Florida on Monday, December 23, 2019. On this Wednesday, July 29, episode of Sundial:

Courts During A Pandemic

Judges, lawyers, and court clerks have been forced to adapt to virtual courtrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from the hundreds of lawsuits filed by businesses and municipalities badly affected by the pandemic, the state’s eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of this week, which means courts could be facing a deluge of new cases. WLRN is committed to providing South Florida with trusted news and information. In these uncertain times, our mission is more vital than ever. Your support makes it possible. Please donate today. Thank you. “They just did the entire jury selection process on zoom,” said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Nushin Sayfie. “But the trial was actually done live.”

“All the effort that it took to get that one trial done was Herculean,” she added.

We spoke with Judge Sayfie about the way courts have continued to operate throughout this pandemic. South Florida’s Flood Risks Forecasters are monitoring a tropical […]

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