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Healthcare Needs a Mindset Shift



Healthcare Needs a Mindset Shift

Very few people sit down and think about their mindset. And even fewer doctors or healthcare workers contemplate mindset. But if there were ever a time in human history to think about our minds and how we use them to process what is happening around us, it is now.

As an unexpected gift from the pandemic, I was given months to take an inward look at my mindset and start the satisfying journey of thought work. One of the main lessons I have learned is that we are in control of most of the results in our life. Our results come from our thoughts, feelings, and actions. So if I was unhappy with any results in my life, I needed to figure out what thoughts I was having to create these results and work backward.

It is safe to say that most physicians and patients are frustrated with the current state of healthcare. But how did we get here? What thoughts do we have as a society that has produced the reality in which we live now? If I can change my results by shifting my thoughts, can we apply the same principles to healthcare?

With any paradigm or mindset shift, we […]

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