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Health Policy 2021: How a Democratic Win Could Change the Playing Field


Prop 65 Annual Conference Sep 21st CLE Credit – Click Now for more info… With the Democratic National Convention behind us and the general election in two months, many health industry stakeholders are contemplating the policymaking ramifications of possible election outcomes. If former Vice President Biden wins the presidential election, and if Democrats win control of the US Senate, significant changes could be on the horizon not only for healthcare policy, but for the policymaking process itself. ALL EYES ON THE SENATE

A key factor shaping healthcare policymaking in 2021 will be which party controls the Senate and by how many seats. If Democrats win the White House, gain a significant majority in the Senate and maintain their majority in the US House of Representatives, the health policy spectrum for the first year of a Biden presidency could be expansive.

History suggests that if Joe Biden wins the White House, Democrats will likely win the Senate too. Typically when the White House changes political parties, the president’s party also wins or retains control of the Senate. In fact, the last election in which the White House changed parties and the winning party did not also control the Senate occurred in […]

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