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Guy Farmer: Politics and sports don’t mix


I haven’t written a “sick and tired” column for quite a while, but I have one for you today. I’m sick and tired of being lectured at about American history, culture and race relations by young multi-millionaires who know little or nothing about history, culture and/or race relations.

So I have a message for wealthy young athletes and other “woke” people who try to tell me how to think, how to vote and how to live my life: Politics and sports don’t mix. Shut up and play ball!

The National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball started their abbreviated seasons last month and the first thing we saw was athletes wearing Black Lives Matter jerseys kneeling during our national anthem and generally disrespecting the American flag. The new “woke” manager of the San Francisco Giants, Gabe Kapler, joined most of his players in taking a knee for the anthem while one Women’s NBA team walked off the court as our flag was being raised. Kudos to the coaches and players who had the courage to stand for the anthem.

This is what passes for politically correct behavior in American sports in 2020, and God only knows what will happen when college and […]

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