End the duopoly

Good riddance: The last gasp of Baby Boomer politics

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The pitched battle over impeachment is the last-gasp struggle of a generation that has dominated American politics, media and culture for more than half a century — the Baby Boomers.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

I say this as a member of that tribe (although one on the, ahem, younger end of the timeline), someone who’s lived through the endless political and cultural wars painted in stark black-and-white by a group that only sees life in terms of Us-vs.-Them. It’s a generation, convinced of its own importance, that refuses to leave the public stage: The president, the speaker of the House, and just about all the top-tier Democratic presidential candidates are Boomers, pushing aside anyone below the age of 70.

It began from a place anyone could understand. The 1960s presented young people with constant challenges to American ideals: attacks on civil rights, traumatic political assassinations, the war in Vietnam and government lies that allowed that war to continue. Out of that shock to the system emerged the “underground press.” This movement informed a generation that mainstream media couldn’t be trusted, journalistic objectivity was a farce, and factual truth was less important than a “deeper truth.”


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