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GAO: Why social justice begins with acknowledging our own prejudice

Black Lives Matter Protest at Nashville State Capitol The protests erupting throughout the country are outcries of help, not solely for the murders of George Floyd , Breanna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery , but for the centuries of racial injustice perpetrated by America’s own justice system. The normalcy of prejudice is why people have outgrown what peaceful demonstrations of Martin Luther King Jr. could change. Despite the Civil Rights Movement that occurred over 50 years ago, the Black community in America still has reason to fear for their lives today.

Unlike many think, racism takes on more forms than explicit or vocalized racial superiority. Implicit institutionalized racism has become entrenched in our country’s justice system in ways that are not easily exposed. Since the start of the War on Drugs in 1971, racial profiling and mass incarceration of African Americans for nonviolent crimes have revived the caste system of oppression. Compared to white Americans, Black Americans receive roughly 20 percent longer sentences for the same crimes, face an imprisonment rate six times higher, and experience felony disenfranchisement at four times the rate . This mass incarceration contributes to and inflates Black social disparities. When juxtaposed to white Americans, Black Americans […]

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