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Fresno Jobless Rate Doubles as Economy Reopening Accelerates

In a report released Friday, unemployment soared into double digits in Fresno, Clovis and other communities. (Shutterstock) Unemployment in the city of Fresno more than doubled to 15.5% in April as the full force of COVID-19 business shutdowns took hold around the Valley and across the state.

Fresno’s unemployment rate exactly matched the statewide rate, while the Clovis unemployment rate to 13.0%.

Over 37,000 city of Fresno residents were out of work last month, according to data from the state Employment Development Department. The unemployment rate for Fresno County overall was higher, rising to 16.7% last month. That’s an increase from the county’s 10.8% jobless figure in March and the city’s 7.2% rate.

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Still, the city of Fresno’s rate is lower than unemployment during the Great Recession. For example, the unemployment rate for November 2008 hit 18.6% .

“The numbers could be better, but I’m encouraged that our decision to reopen thousands of businesses and restaurants this week will get thousands of people back to work and speed up the restoration of Fresno’s economy so these numbers will become a distant memory in the near future.” — Fresno Mayor Lee Brand

Statewide unemployment rose to 15.5% overall in April, reflecting more than […]

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