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Fresh Talk: As a Black conservative, I know how identity politics divides the nation

A protestor shouts at Orlando Police officers lined up in front of OPD headquarters on South Street, Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Large crowds of demonstrators gathered again at locations throughout downtown Orlando to protest the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, May 25. As we recently celebrated the Fourth of July, a time that should unite us all as Americans, it seems as though we have become more divided than ever. Protests have given way to riots and violence, a virus has sown the seeds of mistrust and vitriol among us, and the upcoming 2020 election has split Americans into two camps.

But the riots going on in our streets are enigmatic of a much bigger problem — not of “systemic racism” but of a general lack of wanting to learn and understand more about each other because of what it might mean for ourselves.

Debate has become nothing but shouting matches, where audience applause, not logical merit, determines the winner. We have become so invested with the idea of trying to beat the other person, to “own the libs” or “bash the fash,” that we seem to have forgotten about the exchange of ideas.

We ought to engage in both […]

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