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Free Registration: Communicating Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Efforts with Employees

Communicating Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Efforts with Employees

Some companies have long-standing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs in place to help them recruit, develop and retain employees from various backgrounds. There’s an abundance of such programs out there, some include diversity councils, partnerships with diverse professional associations, trainings, institutional safeguards for employees reporting abuse and charitable opportunities. And yet, there are organizations that are implementing these programs and policies now. Regardless of whether your organization has made these efforts for years or they’re just being deployed, if employees aren’t informed do they even exist?

Clear and open lines of communication are essential to the success of robust DEI programs. When employees are informed they can make full use of the resources available to them, giving them an opportunity to better themselves and their organizations.
Catherine Hernandez-Blades
Senior Vice President; Chief ESG and Communications Officer

Gabrielle Simpson Gambrell
Vice President and Head of Marketing & Communications Barnard College How to clearly define your values and policies and infuse those values into daily communications What methods (email, team meetings, company-wide conferences) are appropriate for different announcements and programs How to […]

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