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Fort Worth Orthopedist Indicted for Healthcare Fraud

An indictment filed by the United States claims a fire that destroyed a Texas orthopedist’s home was started to destroy evidence of a healthcare fraud scheme.

In October 2017, a fire destroyed the $1.6 million Fort Worth home of Mark Kuper, D.O. and his wife Melissa Kuper (Melissa). The fire spread from an outdoor fireplace where firefighters purportedly found charred and burned medical and billing records.

The fire occurred a year after a claim was brought against Dr. Kuper for violations of the False Claims Act and the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act. Dr. Kuper owned Texas Center for Orthopedic and Spinal Disorders (TCOSD). TCOSD had two locations in Fort Worth and Weatherford.

In May 2020, the United States and Texas filed complaints in partial intervention in the action. The intervener complaint alleges Dr. Kuper and TCOSD submitted over 100,000 fraudulent claims to federal healthcare programs. The complaint asserts that Dr. Kuper billed federal programs for over 100 hours in a single day on 139 different occasions.

A month later, the United States filed an indictment against Dr. Kuper, Melissa, and Travis Couey. Melissa reportedly worked in management roles at both locations. Couey was a licensed physical therapist at both locations.

In the indictment, […]

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