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Former NOAA heads criticize agency leaders, Trump over ‘political attacks’ against the agency

Four former administrators for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are objecting to what they call “political attacks” against the agency and criticizing the Trump administration and the agency leaders after controversy over the projected path of Hurricane Dorian.

Former agency heads Kathy Sullivan, Jane Lubchenco, Conrad Lautenbacher, and D. James Baker along with more than 200 former employees and scientists signed a letter voicing their support of science-minded employees at NOAA and its National Weather Service (NWS), writing that the White House made the “wrong choice” when it threw “the agency and its employees under the bus” after the recent controversy over whether Hurricane Dorian was predicted to hit the state of Alabama.

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“Political leadership at NOAA also has choices. They can make sure that NWS has what it needs to do its job in the face of an imminent natural disaster, or they can just as easily throw the agency and its employees under the bus. In this case, both the White House and NOAA leadership made the wrong choice,” the letter wrote.


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