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Fish exposed to noise pollution likely to die early: study


Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Fish stressed by noise are less able to fight off disease while prolonged exposure can lead to an early death, according to research published Tuesday, the latest outlining the consequences of man-made clamour on the natural world.

Human noise pervades the environment, from the roar of vehicle engines to the clatter of industry.

Being underwater is no escape, with the whir of ship propellers thought to interfere with whale sonar.

Researchers at the University of Cardiff in Britain said noise pollution has been shown to lead to “stress, hearing loss, behavioural changes and impacted immunity”.

But they said the ways in which noise affects resistance to disease had remained “neglected”.

In their paper, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science , researchers tested the impact of random blasts of white noise played into fish tanks on the susceptibility of guppy fish to parasitic infection.One group of fish was exposed to “acute” noise played for 24 hours, another group had the noise played for seven days.All fish were anaesthetised and infected with a parasite, either after the noise exposure in the case of the acute group, or during it for the chronic group.A third control group of fish were infected […]

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