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Fires and blackouts are California’s wake-up call on climate change. Will we listen?

Signs of climate change are happening across the world, but as global citizens, we have the option to take action against climate change following some of these helpful tips. By Kelsey Grey

Months before he died, former SMUD General Manager S. David Freeman wrote this op-ed with the hope that it would be published in The Sacramento Bee. Mr. Freeman died on May 12 at age 94, but we are publishing his words today with the permission of his family.

California fires and related electricity blackouts are a very visible equivalent of Pearl Harbor , the wake-up call that united and energized America to mobilize and win World War II. Mother Nature has demonstrated it can deliver a blow that over time could be worse than even a World War.

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Climate damage demands a response on a scale that matches the awesome danger. But instead of taking advantage of the public attention created by the blackouts to enact laws to provide reliable electricity and minimize climate damage, Gov. Newsom and most elected officials in California focus on blaming PG&E.

I ask – with great sincerity – where is the vision? Where is the California leadership on the environment that we […]

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