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Fact-checking Trump: He’s on a dangerous path that must be documented and discouraged

When Donald Trump in 2015 announced he was running for president, I started our fact check of his error-filled announcement speech with these words: “Businessman Donald Trump is a fact checker’s dream … and nightmare.”

That may sound prophetic — and I certainly had experience covering Trump’s mendacity when I was a business reporter in the 1990s — but even I was unprepared for the tsunami of untruths we encountered over the course of the campaign.

At The Washington Post’s Fact Checker, we rate political claims on a Pinocchio scale. Our worst rating is four Pinocchios, meaning “a whopper.” Most politicians earn four Pinocchios about 15% to 20% of the time.

But nearly two-thirds of Trump’s statements during the 2016 race received Four-Pinocchio ratings.

Unfortunately, as president, Trump’s track record has only gotten worse. From the start of Trump’s presidency, The Washington Post Fact Checker team has catalogued every false or misleading statement he has made.

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