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Fact check: Exaggerating again, Trump claims four non-record economic figures are records

President Donald Trump loves to announce new records. Even when they are not actual records.

Trump has a long history of exaggerating figures that would have sounded impressive if he had just stated them accurately.

He did it again in his triumphant Thursday speech about the expectations-beating June jobs report, which showed a gain of 4.8 million jobs last month after a gain of 2.7 million in May.

Though the report showed that the economy had not come close to returning to its pre-pandemic level — more than 22 million jobs were lost in March and April — there’s no doubt it was full of good news Trump could have recited verbatim.

He did correctly identify some figures as records, such as the overall June job increase of 4.8 million and the 3 million increase for women.

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But he also falsely claimed that four separate non-records, two from the jobs report and two from other economic reports, were records. Consumer confidence

Trump said: “We have — consumer confidence has risen 12 points since April, an all-time high. Think of that.”

Facts First : The 12.2-point increase in consumer confidence from May to […]

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