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ESPN’s Jones Accuses Jay-Z, NFL Owners Of Selling Out Kaepernick’s Social Justice Movement

Though the NFL recently tilted further to the cultural Left by aligning with rapper Jay-Z for the direction of future Super Bowl entertainment, ESPN’s race-baiting Bomani Jones is ripping the new partners for selling out Colin Kaepernick. Jones took to the sports section of the ESPN blog, The Undefeated, to bash billionaire NFL owners, Jay-Z and “white supremacist” President Donald Trump while defending Kaepernick’s social justice crusade.

Jones’s big beef against Trump is the tired media trope that he’s a “racist.” Also, Miami Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross helped the president raise money for his re-election campaign, NFL owners still haven’t given Kaepernick a quarterbacking job and Jay-Z shouldn’t be doing business with an organization punishing the perennial free agent.

Ross, who started an organization (RISE) to pursue social justice in Miami, held a fundraiser for President Trump “at a moment when the White House and white supremacy were inextricably linked,” Jones writes.:

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“Look, supporting the president and fighting racism may not be antithetical, but the Venn diagram of those most dedicated to fighting racism and those most supportive of the president might be Jim Brown and a few Twitter bots.”

Jones (appearing above in file photo) writes that while Ross is clear that he and Trump “disagree on race, the money he’s raising will fund a campaign that will almost certainly feature the president’s views on race. … When in conflict with the president, Ross has chosen his friend (Trump) and what that friend can do for him over his purported principles. While Jay’s support for Kaepernick was almost certainly genuine, he is in bed with Kap’s primary enemies, those who fought the hardest to silence him and his message.”


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