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Endorsement counterpoint: I’m John Mason, the real progressive in this race


John Mason explains why he’s the right choice to represent the Fifth District in Minnesota. I am a true Minnesota progressive and a Democratic primary challenger to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

As Minnesota’s first Black, openly LGBTQ+ candidate for the U.S. House, my election would serve as a glowing beacon of equality in action. I am committed to creating a more united and inclusive Minnesota with a goal of fully realizing true equality and stability for Minnesota’s Fifth District.

My advocacy will focus on finding solutions to improve the lives of all Minnesotans. Many in our community face a real wealth gap and have unequal access to education, stable housing, health care, credit and loans, living wages and fairness in the criminal justice system. I will work to create equality and advocate for policies that provide for our economic stability, safety in our community and security in our health care.

I will also work to vigorously combat climate change, protect our environment and support the Green New Deal. In education, I am committed to find new ways to eliminate the achievement gap, create affordable and equal access to higher education, and reduce the burden of student loans.

I believe health care is a right, […]

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