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Encounter notifications spur a better transition of care that prevents readmissions

The transition of care is a critical time for patient intervention to prevent readmissions and emergency room visits, according to Dr. Holly Dahlman, CEO and lead physician of Green Spring Internal Medicine in Maryland.

“Transition of care visits are vital to the healthcare system,” Dahlman said, speaking during the HIMSS20 Digital session , Using Encounter Notification to Optimize Transitions of Care. “We know that patients do not oftentimes understand their medication instructions at the time of discharge.”

Also, patients may have post-hospital delirium, which runs the risk of medication confusion.

In addition, at the time of transition there can be pending test results such as biopsies that can affect care.

Green Springs set out to determine what the practice could do to improve readmission rates and lower costs. At this time, around 2016, the cost of a readmission was estimated at $14,400 for a total national cost of up to $40 billion annually.

In one year, about one in four patients over the age 65 will experience a transition of care, Dahlman said, with the risk being four times higher for those over 65. About half of these transitions involve hospitals.The cost associated with a readmission is typically more than the initial visit, she […]

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