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Electricity to EPA: Where 7 veep contenders stand on energy


Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is expected to soon announce a running mate, and analysts note that a number of contenders for the vice presidential role have energy experience. Energy is emerging as a flashpoint in the presidential race, with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden pledging to boost clean energy jobs, while President Trump and his campaign charge that his challenger would raise taxes and put people out of work.

With Biden poised in the next two weeks to select a running mate, his list of vice presidential contenders includes candidates with backgrounds on contentious energy issues, including the Keystone XL pipeline, coal, hydraulic fracturing, former President Obama’s carbon rule and regulating methane. All of the potential choices pose risks for Biden by threatening to anger either the progressive or the conservative wing of the Democratic Party.

Biden’s shortlist also includes a pair of governors who have looked at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their state, as well as members of Congress who have pushed back on the Trump administration’s environmental record.

“There’s a lot of great options,” said Matt McKnight, who directs the League of Conservation Voters’ Change the Climate 2020 program. The political arm of the league […]

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