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Election 2020 / Health Auditor Candidate Accuses Incumbent of Playing Politics

Linda Joy Sullivan A candidate for state auditor has accused her opponent, four-term incumbent Auditor Doug Hoffer, of playing politics with his office by timing a recent report to hit just as voting for the August primary got under way.

Rep. Linda Joy Sullivan (D-Dorset) issued a statement Monday that accused Hoffer, a Democrat in office since 2013, of issuing a July 1 health care report to coincide with the start of voting by absentee ballot.

But Hoffer struck back Monday afternoon, defending his office’s work and calling her statement “riddled with errors” and a “back-handed political stunt.”

The spat, the first significant salvo in the so-far subdued statewide race, illustrates the pressure some candidates for political office — and challengers of incumbents in particular — feel to attract attention to their campaigns during a pandemic with the primary now just over a month away.

At issue is the 71-page “descriptive audit” of the state’s accountable care organization, known as OneCare Vermont, that Hoffer’s office issued after months of work. The report seeks to help policy makers better understand the “complex and often opaque health care system” and OneCare’s role in it.

The report makes several recommendations to the Green Mountain Care Board, […]

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