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Economic success is not Trump’s



Economic success is not Trump’s

To the editor:

Election Day is almost here and now seems like a good time to look at the economic side of things. You know this wonderful and booming economy, or should I say the “greatest economy ever, that any country has ever had, before that pandemic hoax hit our country and most of the world.”

So who exactly is responsible for the our economy? Is it President Donald Trump, as he himself and all of his peeps tout, or could there be others behind this matter? Let’s take a look, shall we?

On Feb. 4 of this year, Trump said, “The years of economic decay are over,” and added “If we hadn’t reversed the failed economic policies of the previous administration, the world would not now be witnessing this great success.” One has to ponder if these statements were accurate or true.

Looking at a few statistics from unemployment rates to growth in GDP, to poverty, foreclosures and bank failures is a good place to start.

First we need to remember that unlike President Barack Obama, who inherited the Great Recession, Trump inherited an economy that was already getting back on its feet and like everything Trump inherits he blew it.Candidate Trump promised […]

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