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Early diagnostics healthcare market to see demand lift off

The market for early diagnostics is set to lift off in the coming years, according to a new report by Vintura and EIT Health.

The booming demand goes hand in hand with three main developments: macro-health trends sweeping though the industry, and pressure from both patients and governments to improve the prevention of diseases.

As it stands, around 75% of clinical decisions are based on medical diagnostic tests, which have the goal of identifying a disease or confirming its presence. There are dozens of tests around, ranging from radiology (techniques used to create visual representations of the body for clinical analysis and treatment purposes) and in vitro (outside the body e.g. blood, biopsies) to in vivo tests (inside the body).

With the advent of new technologies come new opportunities, and the world of diagnostics is a key example of this, say experts from healthcare consulting firm Vintura and EIT Health in a vision paper they jointly released. Leveraging advancing technologies to detect diseases at an earlier time than is common practice today, early diagnostics can unlock numerous benefits. Healthcare

Obviously, more timely treatment through better upfront detection can go a long way in improving patient healthcare while lowering costs. Having […]

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