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Dropping The SAT And ACT Is About Politics, Not Diversity.

The University of California system is dropping the SAT and ACT requirements for admission despite … [+] The University of California system is suspending its SAT and ACT testing requirements for freshman applicants through 2024 and eliminating them for California students after that. This is supposedly being done in the name promoting a more diverse student body, but its own research says the move won’t do that and may well be counter-productive.

At the request of the UC’s President, Janet Napolitano, the system’s Academic Council formed the Standardized Testing Task Force in 2019. Its mission was to examine the impact of standardized testing on UC admissions. It was chaired by Dr. Henry Sanchez of the UCSF Medical School and Dr. Eddie Comeaux, an African American education professor at UC Riverside who specializes in “Racial equity and justice in education” and “transformative cultural consciousness in student affairs”. Their report is here.

The Task Force “consulted dozens of studies concerning standardized tests, their predictive value, and their impact on access and diversity” and interviewed experts from the fields of testing, admissions, and education. It did not recommend dropping the SAT and ACT.

Why not? First of all, it concluded that: “At UC, test […]

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