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Dreamforce 2019 – previewing the top diversity and inclusion sessions

With diversity and inclusion (D&I) hardwired into the Dreamforce DNA, this week’s gathering in San Francisco has no fewer than 65 sessions focused on equality, and a further 30 specifically on women in tech.

Ahead of the show, I spoke to Linda Aiello, SVP, International Employee Success at Salesforce, to find out why the firm continues to give so much airtime to D&I, and what delegates can expect to take away from the event.

According to Aiello, customer demand plays a big part behind the D&I focus. She explains:

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They are always asking for more information on what Salesforce is doing around equality. It’s one piece to have values, then you have to think about the behaviors behind those. How do you actually operationalize those, and then how does that live through our product, our experiences, our workplaces

To be a successful organization, it’s not just enough to have the right technology in place. You also have to have the right leadership, the right culture. This is a place to listen to different thought partners, to meet people along the way, to have these discussions, to be inspired on these pieces because it’s not enough just to have the right product anymore.

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