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Dr. Loh: COVID-19 stress test teaches us about healthcare deficiencies

Stress tests unmask underlying pathology, and COVID-19 stress test has taught us much about the deficiencies of our healthcare system.

Opportunities now exist for healthcare legislators and the industry leaders to reinvent a colossus that consumes almost 18% of our GDP in these key categories.

Digital transformation: The prospect of contracting a fatal disease by close contact has driven both providers and patients to embrace telemedicine. Outcome metrics have demonstrated high satisfaction and similar outcomes. Although adjustments will undoubtedly be made once the pandemic stress abates, telemedicine has earned its place in the new normal. Digital healthcare, artificial and augmented intelligence will increase and facilitate evidence-based care through new provider platforms. These strategies offer the possibility of reducing rates of rise of costs, improving access to care and thus clinical outcomes, optimizing care coordination, and enhancing primary and secondary prevention, all of which have significant downstream benefit to health-economics.

Prevention: Disease prevention includes epidemiologic modeling, disease surveillance and population health management. Diseases arise in far corners of the globe. Previously our CDC and the WHO have had close ties with on-the-ground monitoring and data gathering with subsequent interagency collaboration and data-sharing. Those ties need to be re-established, reinforced, and fully […]

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