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Donald Trump Jr.’s doing what he always does: The vilest dirty work of his dad’s political campaigns

(CNN)The easiest way to understand Donald Trump Jr. is this: He is his father on steroids. With a lot more internet savvy. As someone who has been following Trump’s eldest son on Instagram for the better part of the last two years, I’ve been witness to a regular parade of memes, deceptively edited videos and other tropes of internet character assassination aimed at everyone from the media to Mitt Romney — and back. In short, if you think the President a troll, his son is king of the trolls. The first showed Biden with the words "See you later, alligator!" written over it. Below was a picture of an alligator with these words: "After a while pedophile." In the comment of this post, Trump Jr. wrote three rolling-on-the-floor-laughing emojis followed by this: "That said, there’s definitely way too many Creep Joe videos out there!" (Note: I am not going to link to the post here since I am not in the business of amplifying false filth. If you want to find it on the internet, trust me you can.) While the dangerous and untrue charge of pedophilia is the new marker — so far — of how low the […]

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